Sunday at Bearizona

I woke up early on Sunday, and Mosha had gone to the lake to fish some more, so I went back to bed for a few hours. Once he was back, we both showered and checked out of the hotel and headed off to Bearizona, which was only one exit away off the freeway. Bearizona…

Saturday in Williams, AZ

This past weekend Mosha and I took a trip up to Williams, AZ, which is located about 30 miles NW of Flagstaff, and 1 hour south of the Grand Canyon. Our original plan was to go up there to take Andrew to Bearizona, an open wildlife park, but Friday night/Saturday morning Andrew came down with…


We decided to stop by the nearby pond to feed the ducks on the way home from my doctor’s appointment today.

One week down!

Sorry for the pensive face, but I’m about to wrap up week one of chemo, and I went to go pee only to realize that I had my underwear on inside out all day. I choose to blame this oversight on Lyle, and I am also choosing to focus on the fact that inside out…

Southern Rail

I had a lovely brunch with Mosha today at Southern Rail, next door to Changing Hands Bookstore. BT Original Grilled Cheese: four cheeses, cheesy focaccia style bread, red pepper tomato soup and roasted chicken Buttermilk Biscuit & Chorizo Sausage Sandwich: fried eggs, apple slaw, tomato and aioli

Prepping for Tomorrow’s Show

“Make sure you rest today. I want to make sure you’re feeling well enough to handle tomorrow.” The tomorrow that Mosha speaks of is the Veteran’s Benefit Car Show downtown where KGDM Life will be performing. The show is from 10am-3pm, and they will be performing around noon, multiple sets if I’m not mistaken, with…

Walking the kids.

Decided to take these two rascals out for a walk this morning. I learned my lesson that they need to be walked separately because Nicki is wild, wanting to chase after everything, while Milo is calm and stays by my side.

Diversity = beauty.

Latest spread in my art journal. Supplies: Copic markers Dylusions acrylic matte paint Black and white fineliners JD stamps JLB stamps Stampin’ Up ink Modge Podge (matte finish) Dylusions large art journal

22/365: Teddy the Therapy Dog

Teddy the Therapy Dog DOB: 6.16.13 109 lbs. Fave trick: Shake Fave toy: Anything that squeaks Fave Food: Sour cream coffee cake


Wearing my fave Mickey sweater (thanks @monabeille @brittyzombiehunter) for church and family day! 😃 Also rocking my fresh septum piercing that I got done last night.

19/365: The Sketchbook Project

I am grateful to have a hubby who pushes me and supports my craft. I am also pretty excited to participate in The Sketchbook Project, where my sketchbook will become a permanent part of the Brooklyn Art Library’s (BAL) collection beginning June 2018! I will be working on my sketchbook from now until April, when…

18/365 : Jane Davenport!

I was fortunate enough to meet this beautiful soul today! She radiates creativity, and I had a blast art journaling with her.

Mini update

Well, I suppose I am long overdue for a medical/life update. Normally around this time I would be taking a nap, but there’s currently a technician in my house doing technical things, so I can’t go have a nap until after he’s done. Honestly, I should probably try and stay awake until this evening anyway…


Today I added a prayer for my fellow warriors onto the prayer wall. Fight on. ✊🏽

Fun stuff!

Tagged by: @calindor AHMAGOD I GOT TAGGED IN SOMETHING AND I AM SO EXCITED! Rules: Answer 20 questions, then tag 20 followers that you want to get to know better. 1) Name: Holly Marie 2) Nicknames: Holly, Vyne (pronounced Vine, not Vin), Vee, The Baby (by family), Hollz, Holly Berry, Hozza/Hoz, Goose 3) Height: 5ft…


Swatching my new watercolor palette in my art journal.


Vet checkup for his arthritis.


Good food, good people, good times.


The reality of brain cancer. This custom-fitted mesh mask is used to bolt me down on the table while radiation beams are pinpointed at Lyle. This happens 5 times a week for 4 weeks straight.


“Be not afraid of going slow. Be afraid only of standing still.”


Cancer hurts those who fight from the sidelines, but it cannot cripple love. Thank you @monabeille @brittyzombiehunter @finchstacey for campaigning for me. Click here to visit fund.


“You never know how strong you are until being strong becomes the only choice you have.”


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Lil Munster

My little munster, made with oil paint, gelatos, and washi tape.

Bucket List Item #1

When you are faced with terminal cancer, one of the things that you inevitably end up doing is evaluating the things you want to do before you die. I was fortunate enough that my family accommodated one of my last wishes by planning a family trip to Disney this last May, where I was able…


I’ve lived my life Being judged For being genuine, But Others are loved, And accepted, For being Fake.


I stood in the store aisle Pondering which holiday tablecloth piqued my interest the most– Red with white snowflakes, White with silver trees, Or the rustic reindeer. My hands fumbled, Attempting to match fabric napkins With each design. People came and went, Bumping into my cart, As I still contemplated. On one such occasion, I…


Morning kisses from Mosha When mom sings “You are my sunshine” to me Chocolate smoothies Random check-in calls from Pops Good books Dailies with the Nerd Herd Taking pictures Sunday night Walking Dead with Mosha Christmas time (the trees, lights, baking, decorations, music and time with family) Milo’s floppy ears and Leesi’s nap time snuggles…


When your reality turns out to be fantasy, mind tricks if you will, it can be an earth-shattering, scary thing. I suspected that the fleeting shadows were figments of my imagination. Sometimes you look from the left to the right too quickly and you think you see something that in reality isn’t there at all….


Doors. I never knew how scary they could be. I’m currently sitting in a small medical office, waiting for my doctor to knock on the door before he enters to go over my lab results — results that I already know aren’t positive. I’m not being pessimistic. If you pay attention to your body, you’ll…

Note to Self

You need to toss the ashes of your burned memories away. You’ve kept them for far too long. It’s time to utter out loud the things that you’ve locked away, hoarding them deep within yourself. It’s time to share the things you’ve only shared with those whose hearts are safe and true, those who you…

“Belle” Watercolor Painting

I painted this for one of my very best friends for her birthday. Belle is one of her favorite Disney characters, and I know she has been wanting a piece of art from me. She seemed to really like it, which makes me happy! Happy birthday, B!


Arguably some of the most touchy subjects to tackle from a Christian perspective are depression and anxiety. It’s bad enough that depression and anxiety are in and of themselves complex illnesses, but there are varying perspectives within the church about them. Sometimes some of these views are from people who try to genuinely understand depression…


Sometimes unexpected complications arise, but that’s when you draw closer to one another and God, and hold on tight till you make it through.

I am: Terminally Fierce.

I suppose the next logical step in my journey was to start a video diary of my cancer experience, especially now that I am unable to write as often as I use to. I’m sure all my non-reading friends/family/strangers prefer videos as well. So here is my first video. [I promise, the other videos shouldn’t…

Be Kind to One Another

Sometimes, more than others, I am weary of life. There are different reasons why I feel this way, various contributing factors, but a lot of the time people have a lot to do with it. Often, we have encounters with others that are unpleasant, and I have come to realize that even as someone who…