5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex and 5 things that irritate you about the same sex

Five things that irritate me about the opposite sex:
— A big thing that irritates me about men is when they treat women like they’re crazy when we get emotional. God made us emotional…men are emotional, too, but just not as much as we are. But there is no good reason to treat us like we are total psychos just because we are more prone to cry or experience some other emotion. Don’t get me wrong…I know that some women really are psycho, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about men who use emotions as the sole basis for acting like a woman or women are crazy.

— Going along with this first one, I have an issue with men who are too “macho” to show emotions. I understand that not everyone deals with things the same way, and there is nothing wrong with that. But I do have an issue when men deliberately suppress how they feel or how they would like to react based on the fact that they feel their machismo will be affected by showing vulnerability. Not cool.

— I hate when men fart under the covers, then hold your head under it. I guess this would also go for something I hate about women, but I haven’t had a woman do it to me yet, so right now it’s only in my men column.

— I don’t like men who act superior to women because they think that we are less than them or that we are inadequate because we have different anatomy. In this category fall men who take their superiority to heightened levels and beat women, or are womanizers, etc.

— I get irritated when men don’t think that I can “hang” or hold a semi-intelligent conversation when the topic is something that is normally “manly” like video games, sports, cars or other things like that. I do understand football, I know how to change my own tire, and I will probably beat you at any video game you own. Just sayin’.

Five things that irritate me about the same sex:
— Being a liar, backstabber, gossiper, or anything else in that category. I get irritated when men do the same, but I’ve encountered this more with women. A lot of women succumb to peer pressure and lie when it will make them look good, or gossip because they want to fit in, or betray others for their own furtherance in life. It’s just not cool.

— Insecurity. Now I am still insecure…I’ve grown a lot in this department and definitely have more of a “fuck it” attitude when it comes to what other people think of me. But a lot of women are insecure and don’t do anything about it. They choose to live in their insecurity without trying to change it. Those type of women irritate me. It also doesn’t help that most of these women seek out their security from others (mostly men or affirmation) when they should be trying to find security within themselves. What good is it to get all your security from a guy when that relationship is not guaranteed? What happens when your crutch can no longer be your crutch? What then?

— This goes along with the previous point, but I get irritated with women who don’t help themselves and expect others to do everything for them. There is someone in my life now who complains a lot about her weight, sickness and overall well-being, but she makes the worst choices…she continues to eat junk food constantly, doesn’t try to better the things that she’s complaining about at all. If you don’t help yourself, then don’t complain to me.

— I get irritated with women who love to gossip to me, and then get mad when I don’t want to hear it or when I don’t agree with them or when I tell them to stop. I’m sorry that I’m not like you. But hey, at least you know that if you tell me anything, I’m not going to go blab about it to everyone else.

— I get irritate with women who refuse to see their own beauty and just be themselves. We are all gorgeous, unique creatures, and we should own it!

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