…the waiting game ends.

The word is out. Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted for the shooting and killing of Michael Brown.

To be quite frank, this does not surprise me. I had a feeling that perhaps this would be the outcome, given the subtle signs that existed. I have to say that while I will never be an advocate for the loss of life, I am 100% comfortable with my choice to put my trust in our justice system and the Grand Jury who were tasked with this immense burden. I know that there are many out there who are skeptical of our justice system, and I’m not completely naive as to think that there are no flaws within it. I know that it is far from perfect, but thus far, it is the system that works for us. 

Being a part of the legal field, and having spent a number of years working within our court system, I know that there is a huge leap from reality and facts to what the media presents and what the general public believes. Even news stations skew the facts to gain more viewers. There are some who think that the news is the holy grail of information, but believe me, if you’re that type of person, know that they are also concerned about ratings, just like KUWTK or some other TV show. Do they present helpful information? Of course. Are they completely unbiased? Heck no.

However, we cannot just overlook the simple fact that there are only twelve people capable of making this tough decision, and they did just that. They are the only people who were able to view ALL of the evidence, all of the witnesses and their testimony, and the choices of applicable charges. The Grand Jury is a very intricate process, and I believe wholeheartedly that the GJ in this particular case did their due diligence. They met for an incredible amount of hours, days, weeks, months and I can’t believe that they would spend the amount of time that they did not having considered and deliberated, as is requested of them. 

I’m interested to see how things will pan out from here on out. If there were riots at the time that Michael Brown lost his life then I’m sure that there will be heated emotions and outrage at this decision. I wish that there were more peaceful ways to deal with these feelings that people are feeling. After all, I don’t see how looting or enacting violence toward completely innocent people helps the situation. I received the following invitation to participate in protests here locally: 

I’m sorry, and this is obviously just my opinion, but how does wearing black and covering your face help your cause? The wearing black portion I can somewhat understand as it shows some unity and the ability of multiple people to gather together and become one force, but covering your face? I mean, I’m all for protesting good causes and I’m definitely for freedom of speech, just so long as there’s no needless violence. Call my assumption whatever you want to but requiring that protesters wear black and cover their faces sounds like the start of something unhealthy. 

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