20 Facts About Yourself

My top three favorite animals are the honey badger, sloth and llama.
– I like to open the sun roof in my car to keep from feeling closed in.
– My roller derby name is “Rott Wilder” and I’ve dubbed my personal emblem as a zombie Rottweiler.
– My favorite colors are teal and purple, which coincidentally are the original official colors of my favorite sports team, the Arizona Coyotes.
– My all-time favorite cartoon shows are Regular Show, Archer and Daria.
– My favorite weapon is a bow, and I own two professional-grade bows.
– I never get tired of playing video games.
– I’ve dated more women than men in my life.
– My favorite places to travel to are Disney World and Disneyland.
– I am awesome at multitasking.
– I am an artist of multiple mediums: performance poetry, drawer, painting, and photographer.
– I’m obsessed with astronomy, but would never be an astronaut.
– I’m a self-proclaimed zombie extraordinaire.
– I’m a writer. I wrote my first poetry book when I was 8 years old, and my senior year of high school I wrote a full-length novel.
– I have miraculously overcome an incurable disease.
– In high school, I belonged to all the major “stereotypical” groups, including the jocks, artists, creative writers, honor students, band, goths and burnouts.
– I fly kites every chance I get. I have two kites: Timmy the Toucan & Whammy the Whale.

– I’ve read 544 books.

via https://dayone.me/14tazEf

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