I’ve decided to try baking cookies for friends and family this year. I’ve helped my mom out before, when she used to literally make dozens and dozens of cookies (I’m talking 30+ types of cookies, over 50 of each) for people around the holidays, but I’ve never taken the task on by myself. I figure now with what has happened this last week with school I have some extra time to devote to oh say anything really, so why not something that will make other people happy? I’ll probably start today, since I plan on giving them out Sunday and for as many as I’m going to make, it’ll probably take a few days. Mix in the fact that I’m a bit under the weather, and I’m sure that it will take a few days to get this done. I think that it’ll be good for me to do something for other people. I’m sure that it’ll keep me busy and keep my mind occupied, and an occupied mind is definitely welcome at the moment.

via https://dayone.me/17qizdr

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