Eyes on the Prize

So it’s really late, and I’m tired. I have a long day tomorrow; it’s the day that I spend most of it at the Never Again Foundation for my internship, then I have to go straight from there to my 2-hour Bar Strategies & Skills class. However, I wanted to get this off my mind.

Today (err, technically yesterday, since it is now almost 1am), I knelt down before You, and I confessed that I love You, that I want to grow in my relationship with You and feel as though I’ve been lacking due to my inability to stop focusing on me. It’s a nasty little habit that I have. So what do I do when my desire is there but time slips between my fingertips? I always start the race strong but find myself short of breath before long, kicking myself for yet again, allowing my life to get in the way of us.

I know You never hold it against me. You don’t throw these things back in my face, and it’s my shame in myself that drags me down. Still, I thought it was important for You to know that I’m here, trying again, and I will continually pick myself up, dust off the failure and press on.

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