Peeing in the Snow

We pulled over to play in the snow on the way up to my parents’ place since we weren’t sure if there would be snow stuck to the ground at their house. It was Milo’s first time in the snow and also my first time in the snow since I was a child, meaning that Mosha and I had also never been in the snow together.

Immediately, two things were apparent:

  1. Milo and Nikki were in love with the snow, and
  2. I was not dressed for snow weather.

We found some snowmen that someone else has made, with Oreos for eyes and nose. I was sure that Milo would try to eat them, but instead he proceeded to sniff the snowman, then pee on him.

 While I was seizing the moment by taking a picture, I was pelted in the back by something. I turned around to see Mosha grinning like a madman, leaning down, grabbing more ammunition. A snowball fight ensued, which went a little like this:

  • Mosha hits me with a snowball.
  • I throw a snowball but miss.
  • Mosha hits me with another snowball.
  • I throw and miss. 

Do you see the pattern?

It actually wasn’t so bad. I managed to hit him more often than I missed, but I’m positive that they didn’t hit him as hard as the ones he hit me with. I’m just glad he missed my face and stuck to hitting me in my fleshy parts, where it didn’t sting so bad.

Our snowball fight was short lived. It was freezing outside and the wind was picking up, so we decided it was best to get back on the road. I’m glad that we took the time to enjoy the moment. It’s the small experiences like this one that stick out in the forefront of my mind.