Manic Monday

It’s been a hectic day already, and it’s only lunchtime.
I woke up early, around 9:30am, early considering the fact that I have absolutely nothing to do today. I had two strange dreams, both dealing with church, which was new and weird. I told Mosha about them, and he also thought they were intriguingly odd.
I asked why he was awake so early when we didn’t have plans tonight, and he said he had a slight headache and couldn’t sleep anymore. I told him I was cold and was planning on going back to sleep, so he went to get in the shower. For some reason, his Aunt Nita crossed my mind, so I sent her a quick text saying “Woke up thinking of you. Love you Tia.” Within 30 seconds my phone rang, and the caller ID read “Aunt Nita.” I answered, and it was Treme, D’s cousin. She proceeded to tell me that Aunt Nita was at the hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. Apparently she went into the emergency last night because her stomach was hurting, and her appendix had to be removed. However, there was an infection inside and during the emergency surgery her blood pressure dropped significantly, and they hadn’t been able to stabilize it. I told her that Mosha was in the shower, and so we would finish getting ready to head to the hospital as soon as we could.

We just arrived to her room, and thankfully, she’s conscious. It’s weird to be back here so soon. Aunt Nita is in room 3039, right next door to room 3040, where only a few weeks ago Granddaddy, Aunt Nita’s dad, passed away. We know she needs to rest and is in pain, so we are sitting here by her side quietly. Mosha is talking to his cousin Jaylon about Jaylon’s plans for college on my left, while Aunt Rachel sits to my right, using her phone for social media with her headphones on.

I just pray that this situation ends differently than our last visit to this place did.

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