The end of our family challenge

Well, the 21-day challenge came to an end with the setting of the sun yesterday. It went by surprisingly fast, and I must say that I do feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that not once did I cheat and give in to drinking soda or logging onto Facebook.

I didn’t miss Facebook at all. I logged into my account early this morning when i couldn’t fall back asleep, and I feel as though the site has lost its appeal. I did upload two pictures of my latest sketchbook drawings, to share them with family/friends who may not have seen them. Other than that, I cleared all of my notifications and haven’t been back in all day. I guess I got used to not having it, and there’s not much on there for me anyway. Instead, during my rare breaks today at work I picked up the new book I started yesterday entitled The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell. The book is quite captivating so far. It’s already piqued my curiosity, and I’m only partway through Chapter Two. I sense a shift in my taste for books in that I’ve primarily stuck to e-books as of late, but have been shifting to purchasing physical books. I’ve always loved the smell of a physical book, but have enjoyed the convenience that comes with e-books. I think that part of this shift is due to the fact that I spend 12+ hours staring at a screen at work each day, so my eyes appreciate and welcome the chance to look at paper for a change. Anyhow, all this just to note that this 21-day challenge seemed to create a rather healthy habit of spending my time doing other things rather than wasting away whilst staring at Facebook multiple times a day.

I also saw a change in my drinking habits. I’ve been complaining quite a bit about missing soda because I’m obsessed with the taste of brown pop, and I was quite positive that I would jump at the chance to drink one today. However, I found myself drinking water all day long…Not quite the way I thought my first day would go after the challenge. Now I’m definitely not saying that I’m never going to drink soda again because I know for a fact that at some point it will happen. But I’m hoping that I can learn control and limit my intake of the sweet, sugary liquid from here forward.

Well, its already thirty plus minutes since when my last client was supposed to show up, and since they haven’t arrived by now, I’m going to treat my self to a trip to the craft store on my way home. I shall pack up early and head that way now.

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