Robert F. Guglielmo (07/10/1929-01/30/2016)

Robert “Big Bob” F. Guglielmo, 86 years old of Tucson, AZ died on Saturday 7:11 p.m., January 30, 2016. Bob lived large. He was gregarious, living a life full of love and adventure. He died peacefully of natural causes in the comfort and care of his wife, Ramilda “Millie” Guglielmo and his children.

Bob is survived by 62 direct descendants, including six children: Margret Ann Guglielmo, Susan Elda Guglielmo, Robert Guglielmo, Paul David Guglielmo and his wife, Sandra Timmons Guglielmo, Cynthia Marie Palma and husband, Daniel Palma, Daniel Albert Guglielmo and his wife, Ann Burke Guglielmo; three brothers, Frank, Rudy and Oscar Guglielmo, as well as his good friend, Bill Bush, and his business partner and brother-in-law, Armando Delgado, also survive him.

Born on July 10, 1929 in Globe, AZ to Frank and Vickie Frias Guglielmo, Bob lived most of his life in Phoenix. Bob met Millie at Saint Mary’s High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Bob retired when he was 47 from a prolific business career that spanned restaurants, agribusiness, and real estate development and investment.

Bob loved adventure. He was an avid traveler, hunter, speedboat enthusiast, photographer and pilot. He was also a lover of beauty in its many forms, whether visual, culinary or performance art, a sunrise or sunset, or simply a good read.

The words summing-up Bob’s life include: fun, adventure, passion and love.

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