Prompt: Survival

The dunes seemed to go on forever. Ava felt hot just looking at the endless expanse of sun-beaten sand as the shuttlecraft descended rapidly down toward the planet’s surface. This was no place for …

Source: Prompt: Survival

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One thought on “Prompt: Survival

  1. Taxxman says:

    This is very well written. I had a couple of my confidants read this and they were very intrigued. One demands the rest of the story. We have to agree with him. This would make a good novel so you may be forced into writing more to go along with this. None of us saw the ending coming and that’s a hard thing to accomplish with the amount of reading that we all do so congratulations on that. A couple of quick questions though. Did this character come from somewhere or is this the first time you’ve used her? And obviously, do you plan on continuing with this story line?


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