“I want daddy.”

“I want daddy, I want daddy, I want daddy!” was all 15 year old Cameron Sterling could say between sobs as his mother, Quinyetta McMillon, addressed the media: “The individuals involved in his murder took away a man with children who depended on their daddy on a daily basis.” (Read the story here.)

There are no words that I can come up with for the horror of what happened, what keeps happening, what has ALWAYS happened in this country.

All I can say is this: White people, get off your butts. Stop making excuses. Stop tolerating this. Don’t you dare pretend this is only a problem for other white people, other towns, other police departments, etc. Either it’s a problem for YOU, or you’re a willing accomplice. Which side are you on?

Black people, I’m sorry for the world you’re forced to live in. I’m sorry that I and other people have done so much to create this system, and so little to fix it.

Finally, let’s not forget: While we are, and should be, talking about the specific brutality against Black people, our policing problems go beyond that. Indigenous people are, I believe, comparably likely to be killed by police, and other people of color are killed disproportionately often. And, even when you take racism out of the equation and only look at white victims, we still have a police violence problem.

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