Creatures, Part One

Part one of a collaborative short story that I’m writing alongside three dear friends.


Legend has it that when temptation forces out the carnal instinct within, when greed begins to overtake charity, when desperation crosses the line of man and animal, your soul regrows into that not of a human being, but a creature: a beast of the darkest evils, an animal whose heart is made of malice and avarice intertwined.

Gods and devils alike are akin to this foul beast, and although he is lower in his power and position than either entity, he will still relentlessly consume and conquer with the forest as his kingdom.

His hunger is endless. Every fleeting second of the constantly moving day, he is searching, hunting, scavenging for his next meal. And what does such a filthy being have for his nourishment? Nothing other than his mortal counterpart — the human being.

The flesh and blood of his hominid brethren is how this revolting monster sustains himself…

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