Creatures, Part Two

Part two!


Meelo stood apart from the children with his arms tucked over his chest. They sat huddled around a small fire hanging on the every word of the tribe elder. The tale he was telling, the tale of the creature, had been passed down in the tribe for as long as anyone could remember. No one in the tribe could tell you where the story came from. Everyone just knew it and accepted it, except for Meelo.

There had been a time when he believed, when he woke up soaked in sweat with tremors running through his body in fear of the creature, but those beliefs died with his mother. His father walked through the door of their hut that day drenched in rain and blood and fell to his knees. Meelo raced to his father, “Ni’nah! What happened?”

His father started to weep, Meelo looked around for his Mother, “Where…

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