Costume shopping!

Tonight mom, Lisa and I went to the new Goodwill that was recently built down the street. I wanted to go to look at their costumes, since I still haven’t decided what I want to dress up as for the Harvest Festival.
I had never been inside a Goodwill store before, but I was surprised at how clean it was and also how many things they had. The first thing I noticed was the bookshelves in the front of the store, which housed tons of books, many of which are on my wishlist. The best part of all is that they each cost between $2-4.
After prying myself away from the bookshelves, we proceeded to go to the Halloween section in the middle, where my mom tried on a bunch of hats. We had lots of laughs as we perused the aisles before I decided that I would be an angel this year. I bought a few items to make my DIY costume before we left to head to Walmart to get some things that I was missing. I’ll update later with pictures of my completed costume and trial makeup runs.

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