Icepick Stabbing Pains

I talked to the neurooncologist today. She said that my head pains are normal because of the pressure that the tumor is creating. She had her assistant email me a list of questions that I should fill out whenever I have the head pains, almost like a headache log for us to go over when I see her next. She said that my caretakers need to pay attention to two areas: my cognitive functions and my emotions. She says that it’s possible for me to have bad pains, and then instantly lose my ability to read or comprehend or write or even my memory. 

She told me about a patient she had who had a bad headache one day, and then he went to bed and when he woke up the headache was gone. He sat down in the morning to read the newspaper and he realized he didn’t understand any of the words on the paper. When his wife came out, he didn’t know who she was. It took putting him through different types of therapies for him to start re-learning and remembering things.She said everyone is different, but that the more headaches I have, the greater the risk that I can suffer a bad episode like that guy. But it could also happen gradually. Everyone is different and everyone has different results based on their unique situation, but she wants us to be vigilant.

She said emotionally, I can start becoming agitated for no reason, so that family should pay attention to that, and of course if I have an “episode” and try to hurt myself or anyone else to call 911 right away. But any other changes, if they become a concern we can call their office.

They’re going to try another round of steroids to try and reduce the swelling and pressure, but that unfortunately there’s no guarantee that it will alleviate my pain. Here’s to praying for the best possible results!