10.29.16 Recap

Man! It’s been one heck of a day, and I know the next three days will be pretty busy, too.

Last night mom and I spent time together talking and watching our favorite cooking shows (Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay & Halloween Wars). We ended up staying up until 3am before we decided we should head to bed before we got chastised by our honeys.

This morning, I was awoken by my pops at around 7am with breakfast in bed. That guy can cook, and he spoils me so much when he’s around! I love it. After my tummy was good and full, I ended up falling back asleep (probably not the best idea after eating) until almost noon when I finally decided that I needed to get up and be productive. I was sluggish from being full of noms and from being up late, but I knew I had work that I needed to get done.

This Monday our church is having a Harvest Festival for Halloween, and I decided to help out by taking pictures the night of the event as well as helping Mosha with our booth that we will be running. In preparation for the festival I also volunteered to help make the signs for the various booths. Of course, in my natural fashion, I waited until today to finish them up. I started them a few weeks ago, but I just hadn’t motivated myself enough to get back to them. So I spent the majority of my day doing that. The poster-sized marker were ginormous and kept hurting my hands, so later in the evening I recruited Mosha to help me with the last two signs. His signs are so much better than mine — he has the best script writing while I took the easy route and used stencils. Anyhow, they are all complete and ready for the festival. (I’ll be sure to post pictures from the Harvest Festival later this week.)

Around 9pm mum and I decided to head to Wal-mart to grab the ingredients I need to make the breakfast burritos for the burrito sale I helped organized for tomorrow after church. Two of my ladies from church suggested it as a fundraiser to raise funds for our conference in November, and since everyone at our church loves to each I agreed that it would be a great idea. So after morning’s service tomorrow, our burritos will be for sale to anyone who is hungry.

Anyway, mom and I got carried away in the store looking at all the things we don’t need. It didn’t help that I needed to get Andrew a birthday present — he turned three today — and I couldn’t decide on which toys to buy him. He loves TMNT, The Avengers, Spongebob, Finding Nemo…so it was hard to decide on what to get him when I really wanted to buy him all the things I saw that I knew he would love. Then, after I had decided, I found the section with the learning toys and ran across a little tablet/laptop thingy for kids aged 3-9 years old, and it teaches them to write and learn their alphabet and all that good stuff. Being the academia nerd that I am, I was definitely conflicted about whether I should put up the toys I got him and get him that instead. I decided against it, only because I figure that kids probably want fun things on their birthdays, not something that resembles schoolwork. Needless to say, he was extremely happy with the gifts we chose (as you can tell by the pictures below). Tomorrow we will surprise him with his ice cream filled cake after we get home from church. For now, it’s time for this gal to get into bed!

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