Herberger Theater Festival of the Arts

Today Andrew and I went on an adventure to partake in the festivities at the annual Festival of the Arts put on by the Herberger Theater. There was live music, performances, children’s activities and food/shopping — oh, and of course, lots of art!

Our first stop was to the food court area where the live music was going on.

While we were watching the music performance, a nice couple running a Chinese Arts booth offered to write Andrew’s name in Chinese for him.

We decided to head over to the children’s activities area, and the first booth we stopped at was a reading booth. The coordinator of the booth had coloring supplies out for the kiddos, so we spent quite a bit time here while Andrew colored a “bear” and a bookmark.

Once I was able to pry him away from the coloring booth, we went to sit on the steps and watch some performers doing fancy artsy stuff.

Next up, we stopped at a face-painting booth so that Andrew could get a spider painted on his forearm.

The next table had supplies and volunteers helping the little ones to make masks that they could wear out of paper plates and art supplies. Andrew decided that he wanted to make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mask.

The last children’s booth we visited was a painting one where Andrew was given a board so that he could use acrylic paints to make a masterpiece.

After he completed his painting we decided to take a rest and sit on the steps outside the theater.

Here, we were able to listen/watch the live mariachis that had taken the stage.

During the performance, Andrew made a friend, and they had fun running around and playing on the steps.

Finally, after a good 3+ hours of excitement, we decided to head home. The walk was a few blocks from the festival to the parking garage, and we were able to stop throughout the Arizona Center so that Andrew could see the fountains and statues.

We ate our sandwiches on the way home from the festival, and when we made it, I took a nap while Mosha took over babysitting duties. Overall, it was a very fun-filled day, and I hope that this is something Andrew will remember and appreciate when he gets older. If nothing else, at least he has his art creations to remind him of this day!

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