An Overdue Update

It’s been about two, almost three months, since I’ve written anything of substance. I’ve made small updates to my personal journal, but not much else. As much as I want to blame this on my currently broken Macbook, I can’t put all the responsibility on that fact. That is largely the reason why I haven’t taken the time to update my WP, since typing on a laptop is much more efficient than on an iPhone. But I’ve also let other things — family, health,  video games — get in the way as well. For that reason, I’ll probably write a few entries about the happenings since November and backdate them.

As for my broken computer and future updates, my ever-so-generous loved one, Rara, gifted me the funds to repair it. I’m still humbled by her generosity and love. My end of the bargain was that in exchange for her gift to me, I would commit to writing more often, which I’ve gladly agreed to. Hopefully I will be able to pick up my laptop from the Apple Store later this week. For now, I’ve hijacked Mosha’s laptop while he’s asleep so that I can update my journal and take care of a few financial matters that I’ve been putting off.

I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to a regular writing schedule as soon I get my laptop back.

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