Spittaz For’Em Presents: Exile

This last Saturday night my honey (Deven, known to me as Mosha or Honey, and to others by his stage name Dnoch) had a performance at an event called Exile, sponsored by Spittaz For’Em  from Las Vegas.

The event was scheduled to start at 6:30pm, which was perfect timing since on Saturdays I try to close the office at 6pm (at the very latest). So thankfully, I would be able to make it to the show on time.

While I was at work, I had a break after 3:30pm. I originally wanted to take advantage of the break to make an embarrassingly large poster that read “I ❤ Dnoch” but there wasn’t time to get the supplies I needed to make it, so instead, I took advantage of my break and ran to have a custom t-shirt made for me at the Airbrush shop down the street. It was only a 30 minute wait, so I had plenty of time to accomplish my goal.


Since my mom is helping me to run the tax office this year (I can’t handle the 12-14 hour days anymore), we had carpooled to work. She agreed to go to the show to support my honey, along with a good size group of our friends. It’s always nice to have people who come out and support you in your ventures, so I’m glad that they all showed up to support Mosha’s craft.

Before the show started, all of the performing artists got together to pray, which I thought was pretty cool. It’s not everyday that you see something like that, and it shows a spirit of unity that I admire.


The show started with Ray Free doing a solo song, then two songs that featured Ray Free, Jon Macek & Dnoch.

After the first performance, the show was structured as a rap battle, with the following match ups:



Despite having just opened up the show, Dnoch had no time to waste as he was up to battle in round one. The host explained the rules and mentioned that its not a typical rap battle where the rappers are trying to put each other down or talk crap. The whole show was about positive hip hop, so having them try to cut each other down with words would contradict the purpose of the show. Also, the verses would be done acapella. I didn’t record anybody’s verses except for the three rounds that Enoch did, and his were from the perspective of Jesus/God talking to modern-day rappers.

In between battles there were performances by other artists. Overall, it was a really fun time, and the only bad thing I can say is that it was SUPER cold outside. We ended up leaving around 9-9:30pm, even though the show hadn’t ended yet. I couldn’t handle the cold anymore though, and I was starving. Also, I’m now on a mission to make sure that we have some merchandise to set up a small table for Dnoch at his future shows. He has two in February, and I think it’d be nice to have some of his CDs, business cards and even a few shirts or something made for people to purchase if they’d like. So that’s my mission for now. I’ll update when/if I’m able to get merchandise for him.

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