Plans & Pneumonia

Hello people!

It’s been a hectic few days. I worked most of Friday, and my last two appointments were for Nay Nay & Lee Lee, so after we finished they treated me to dinner at Cherry Blossom Noodle Cafe. I was looking forward to our dinner all week because I am currently obsessed with their Chicken Katsu and Potstickers. Dinner was worth the wait because the food was delicious as usual. On our way home we stopped at Zia Records, and I purchased a pack of coloring postcards (Daydreams by Hanna Karlzon), a Color-In’ Book — Retro Summer, as well as a TMNT toy for Andrew. I crashed shortly after getting home as I was tired and not feeling too great.

When I woke up on Saturday, I felt worse (sniffles, fever, coughing), so I went in to see my oncologist at CTCA. I had bloodwork done, a chest x-ray, as well as some other test that I forget the name of. It turns out that I have pneumonia, and we are pending the result of the test that I don’t know the name of which takes about 72 hours to complete. That test will tell us if the pneumonia is bacterial or not, to know whether or not it will react to certain antibiotics. If it is viral, then I’m looking at a stay at CTCA until it is cleared up. My oncologist was frank with me when she let me know that patients with third and fourth stages of cancer can easily die from pneumonia, as their WBC is too low to fight off the infection properly, so this is a serious issue. I was allowed home with strict rules to abide by, the biggest being that I stay in bed, which has been pretty easy to do since I feel exhausted and super sleepy all the time.

I slept most of the day yesterday, while Mosha was a doll and cleaned up our room and did laundry for me. I also slept most of today, missing half of the Super Bowl game. I woke up surprised to see that New England had won because before I fell asleep they were doing horribly. Mum made me soup, so I ate some of that and then worked on a few files that I needed to wrap up for the office. Now I’m watching Season One of Into the Badlands (an amazing show so far), and if I have the energy for it after this post then I may hop on FFXIV to check my retainers and maybe complete some of my dailies.

I’ve been thinking that I may possibly integrate my art blog into this one — which would make it easier for me to maintain my posts. I generally like to keep my art and personal posts separate, but there’s not really a need for me to do that. I suppose that if I had a large following on my art site then it would make more sense, but I don’t, so I’m contemplating combining the two blogs. Let me know if you have any thoughts as to that. Maybe some of you will have thoughts/suggestions that I hadn’t previously thought of that might influence my decision.

I’ll be sure to post an update regarding my test results once I hear back from my oncologist this week.

Until then, happy blogging!

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