Dear Cancer, Part II

I am disgusted, saddened and angry that you impact so many lives, every second, every minute of every day you are being introduced to someone new. “Hi, my name is Cancer, and I’m going to put your life on hold for an unspecified amount of time; So please mark your diary as ‘full for the unforeseeable future.'”

Cancer, you don’t discriminate. You don’t care who people are, whether they faithfully go to church, if they are LGBT, what race they are, which god they serve, what their social status is, or any other factor. All you want is a warm bed in their body for a while. I just hope your visit to others is short stay, not one who overstays their welcome and leaves a bad TripAdvisor review once forced to leave.

I feel for everyone who has to meet you. Millions like me go to bed at night not knowing if they’ll wake up in the morning, paying thousands of dollars a month for procedures and medications that make you so violently ill that the 4 walls of your bedroom or patient room are all you end up seeing for months on end. We experience pain from our tumors strangling our organs, and worse than all this is the pain we see in our loved ones’ eyes knowing they can’t take our pain away and that they might very well lose us to you. You, cancer, are the worst.

I bet you are the type of person who doesn’t throw their rubbish out at the food court inside the mall, or leaves their shopping card in the middle of a parking space located at the front of a Walmart lot — the selfish kind of person. But you know what? We’ve shown you. You thought you had a weak one when you came to try and finish me off, but little did you know that I would fight back, with an army of family and friends by my sides. We will never stop fighting. With my dying breath, I will fight.

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