New tumors & a relentless Lyle

So my pain (unfortunately) keeps getting worse. I’ve used more pain medicine in the last two months than I have in the last year of having cancer.

Our fears were confirmed when I had my PET scan done and found out that Lyle has grown to the size of a golf ball, and I now have two new tumors in my pelvis area (which explains a lot of my recent pain and symptoms). So now I’m faced with a choice: surgery or radiation. Radiation will attempt to shrink the tumors, whereas an operation would allow them to remove as much of the tumors as possible (except for Lyle — that bugger is “inoperable”). Surgery at this point is riskier due to my low blood counts and weakened immune system, so that’s something to keep in mind as well. Its frustrating to think that after all of my treatment, tumors are still managing to grow and pop up. You pay all this money and suffer through the treatments which are almost worse than the side effects of cancer itself, and yet the news gets worse and worse.

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