Something I didn’t want to hear

The worst feeling is when your doctor suggests that your parents aren’t suited to be your caregivers. Its not for lack of willingness, but because mum herself is ill, and I worry for her health. I get stressed about her well-being and feel guilty when I know she isn’t feeling well but is slaving away to make sure that I’m fed and looked after. Logically, I get what Dr. Granick is saying; I am stressed worrying for her which makes me sick, which makes her stress when I’m sick, and that stress makes her sick, etc. Vicious cycle. Unhealthy cycle. So, because of that, mom and pops have gone back to Show Low, and I’m conflicted about how I feel about it. Happy that they’re at their home, enjoying the very nice weather, with their friends and church family, but also worried that they may have taken the message the wrong way and feel like a burden. Plus, I miss them. Sigh.

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