Freedom in moderation

I can’t really recall whether or not I had mentioned this previously, but yesterday I wasn’t required to go into the treatment center! My levels are at a safe enough level to where I don’t require daily monitoring anymore, and that my friends, is very big news for me.

I am still required to go every other day to get my blood cell boosting shot, and now that I’ve chosen to undergo radiotherapy, I’ll have to go whenever I have sessions for that, which from my current understanding begins on Monday. I’ll be receiving radiation 5 times a week, Monday through Friday, for four weeks straight. So, while it still stinks that I have to be there during the week, at least I (mostly) have my weekends to myself.

It’s funny because it’s not exactly like I’ve been completely approved to be out in public yet, so it’s not like I have parties lined up to attend on my “free” weekends, but it’s just the mental aspect of freedom that gets me excited. Now, I have a few days where I don’t need to wake up early and disrupt someone’s life so that they can chauffeur me to the treatment facility. But on this note, I did ask if I could go out into public tomorrow to attend church, and Dr. Granick said that I could, so long as I still avoid touching a lot of things and am very careful about interacting with too many people, sick people especially. I’m looking forward to that because for me, church is uplifting and encouraging on so many levels, and it has been so long since I’ve been able to attend a service.

Since I’ve not been able to physically go to church, I have been watching broadcasts online of sermons, but it’s just not the same as being there in the flesh. I also enjoy journaling in my Bible, as that’s a different level of connectivity to God for me. So today, that’s mostly what I did. I hung around the house, did some Bible journaling, and that’s about it.

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