Be Kind to One Another

Sometimes, more than others, I am weary of life. There are different reasons why I feel this way, various contributing factors, but a lot of the time people have a lot to do with it. Often, we have encounters with others that are unpleasant, and I have come to realize that even as someone who is battling terminal cancer, I am not suddenly immune from being the victim of other people’s attitude’s or problems. No matter what role you play in life, even if you are the sweetest, most giving person in the world — at some point people are going to crap on you, even when you’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

We are all selfish in our own ways, I know I have been and still am, even when I am not trying to be. However, it is really unfortunate that at times our own selfishness can cause us to neglect, hurt and victimize people in our lives who are undeserving of those things. We get so wrapped up in our little bubbles, our tiny little worlds, our pity parties, and we treat our loved ones less than how they should be treated. What is even more saddening is the fact that the majority of the time that this takes place, we are too wrapped up in our own feelings (whatever they may be) that we don’t even stop to consider how our actions might actually impact those around us. We don’t even question or take responsibility for the hurt that we might be causing. We automatically figure that our anger or sadness or insertfeelinghere is superior to whatever anyone else might experience, so we don’t even give a second thought to it.

I guess I just wish that people would realize that life is too short for nonsense, for pettiness, for quarrels. We are all dying, some of us quicker than others, and you never know when God will decide that someone’s time on this earth is up. Why live in regret then, when that person is no longer around, when you could just make a conscious effort to live life aware of your choices and the impact they have on others? Just food for thought, I suppose.

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