Let’s Play 20 Questions

Tagged by: @calindor

I’ve been asked to answer these 20 questions by a fellow blogger, so here goes!

1) Name: Holly Marie

2) Nicknames: Holly, Vyne (pronounced Vine, not Vin), Vee, The Baby (by family), Hollz, Holly Berry, Hozza/Hoz, Goose

3) Height: 5ft 3-4inches

4) Orientation: Former lesbian, current hetero

5) Nationality: Spanish, Afro-Portuguese, Mexican

6) Favorite fruits: Watermelon, cherries, kiwis, blueberries, peaches

7) Favorite Season: Winter because snow, Christmas, and hot chocolate.

8) Favorite Flowers: Roses, Jasmine

9) Favorite Scents: Eucalyptus spearmint, Adidas Moves for Him, Clean Linen, gasoline, paint, ashtrays, nail salons

10) Favorite Colors: Purple, Red, Teal

11) Favorite Animals: All of the animals!!!!!

12) Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: If I could only have one, then hot chocolate, but I drink all three.

13) Average Sleep Hours: Uhhh this is tough because I alternate from too much sleep to not enough sleep.

14) Dog or Cat Person: Both! But probs dogs > cats.

15) Favorite Fictional Characters: Jay Gatsby, Edward Cullen, Gideon Cross, Mickey Mouse, Animal from the Muppets, Louise and Linda from Bob’s Burgers, Archer and Lana, Death (George Pendle’s version)

16) Number of Blankets You Sleep With: One

17) Dream Trip: Australia to see Rara.

18) Blog Created: Tumblr in April 2014, WP in June 2015.

19) Number of Followers: 49 on Tumblr, 56 on WP.

20) Random Fact: One time I had a bug in my head. It crawled in through my ear when I was asleep.

Tagging: @leeleesupreme @rinavenue and also Rara on my WP blog, because this will be posted there as well.

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