Prepping for Tomorrow’s Show

“Make sure you rest today. I want to make sure you’re feeling well enough to handle tomorrow.” The tomorrow that Mosha speaks of is the Veteran’s Benefit Car Show downtown where KGDM Life will be performing. The show is from 10am-3pm, and they will be performing around noon, multiple sets if I’m not mistaken, with breaks in between.

I have been under the weather all this week but unable to rest for any length of time, so I’ve spent time getting things ready for tomorrow’s show. I get to run the merchandise booth for the guys, and I want to make sure that it’s classy and not just thrown together. I went to get things to display merchandise and table covers that match our logo (black and gold). I also took inventory of the current merchandise that we have, set up the bank account and application to take credit card payments. We have a good amount of merchandise to start off with, and I’m all about organization so I made sure that everything will be neat and orderly. I’m pretty excited to support the guys, and I am hoping that there will be a really good turnout.

Tonight we are all meeting up to go over logistics for tomorrow, and the guys will have one last rehearsal together. Larry and Drea are heading in from California for the weekend (they should be arriving sometime soon), so it’ll be the first rehearsal the guys have with him.

I’ll be sure to take my camera to photograph both the music performances and the cars that will be on display. For the rest of today, I will be taking it easy and saving my energy for tomorrow!

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