Saturday in Williams, AZ

This past weekend Mosha and I took a trip up to Williams, AZ, which is located about 30 miles NW of Flagstaff, and 1 hour south of the Grand Canyon. Our original plan was to go up there to take Andrew to Bearizona, an open wildlife park, but Friday night/Saturday morning Andrew came down with a nasty cold, so he wasn’t well enough to travel with us. I tried to  cancel our hotel reservation, but it was too late to do so without being charged a cancellation fee, so it ended up just being a getaway for two.

The trip up was about a 2.5 hour drive, and it was pretty smooth except for the rough, bumpy roads as soon as we entered Flagstaff and between Flagstaff and Williams. The roads were so rough that our entire car was shaking tremendously, and Mosha had to use all his strength to keep the car from swerving on the road.

Once we finally arrived in Williams, we were glad to be off the crazy road and pleasantly surprised with our accommodations. Mind you, it was just one night, so we didn’t splurge on hotel room, but our room and hotel ended up being pretty fancy for the price, and our room had its own balcony.

We didn’t stay in the room long since I promised Mosha we could go to a nearby lake to go fishing. Turns out that the nearest fishing spot was about a 3-minute drive from the hotel. We headed there right away, and Mosha fished while I worked on my Sketchbook Project. It was so quiet and peaceful! There was hardly anyone around, and the fish were jumping.

We then decided that we were hungry, and Mosha needed a tool for his fishing pole, so we headed back toward Flagstaff since that was where the nearest Walmart was located and also where all the good food spots were. We were dreading the 20 minute drive because of the rough roads, and while we were driving a diesel truck pulled up to us on my side of the car, and was pointing down at our car. I told Mosha to pull over so we could see what he was pointing at, thinking we might have a flat tire or something. I looked at the tires and didn’t notice anything, but then Mosha came around to look and saw that the front passenger tire was bubbled up and warped. We were still about 10 miles from Flag, so we turned our hazards on and drove slowly the rest of the way. When we made it to the Walmart parking lot, Mosha proceeded to change the tire out, and to our surprise, it turns out that the roads weren’t bumpy at all. Apparently, the warped tire is what was causing the car to shake violently. We had just assumed that the road was bumpy because there were signs saying “rough road” everywhere, and unless you looked closely, you wouldn’t have noticed the warping on the tire. We had a good laugh about it, thankful to have made it safely, and we headed to dinner.

I chose Texas Roadhouse for dinner because I was (surprisingly) hungry and wanted some kind of steak. I ended up getting the sirloin with a side of fries, while Mosha had a half rack of ribs with a bowl of chili and loaded baked potato. The place was packed with college kids from NAU, and we were entertained by the mid-meal employee dance that took place. After dinner we called it a night and headed back to the hotel to rest up for Sunday’s adventures.


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