Unable to be quenched – not capable of being satisfied, quelled, or discouraged.

I love when God so perfectly orchestrates life in order to meet your needs.

For this long I’ve managed to maintain a positive outlook on life, despite the curveballs that are thrown our way. At times, the world around me seems to be in this chaotic flurry, and by God’s grace, I come out of the storms spiritually untouched, and even at times, more renewed than before. It’s almost as if God is using the storm to wash away all the unnecessary things from my life, to bring my focus back to what matters most: Him. I’m able to walk away from the experience a little wiser, with His joy, peace and strength within me.

I cant say that I’ve been feeling anywhere near this way the last week. My family and I have been struggling to cope with the latest travesty that has affected us, and personally, I’ve hit a point where I’m unable to grasp God’s promises, no matter how engrained they are in my head and heart. I know that now more than ever, I need to cling to Him, His Word and His promises. I just don’t know how to right now. And I’m learning that that is okay.

Remember how I sad I love it when God orchestrates life to meet your needs? Well, that’s exactly what has happened this week. The moment that my faith began to falter, God provided me with opportunity after opportunity to surround myself with His Word and children.

One of those opportunities was to attend the Unquenchable Faith Fall Refresher at church.

I have a fancy name tag!

“Unquenchable” by Carol Kent. Read it!


The speaker, Carol Kent, has an amazing testimony, and a tremendous talent for encouraging us through her experiences. One of the most notable experiences that she shared with us is the breaking of her family when her only son — a Navy veteran — murdered another man — the former abuser of his wife’s. She shared how God has been able to repair their family through this, and even bring glory to Himself through her story in order to encourage others.

While our paths are different and we face our own obstacles, she was still able to speak to how I feel through my current pain.

“Pain is pain is pain is pain.”

So while my pain is not yours, it is still real for each of us. Reach out to those who can love on you and will encourage you. Smile and call the person who can always make you laugh. Press onward, and remember that even when we feel backed into a corner, and have no fight left, we still have choices to make. Let’s not be overwhelmed by what may come. Take it moment by moment, remember to just breathe, and choose.

Choose life.
Choose trust.
Choose vulnerability.
Choose gratitude.
Choose purposeful action.


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