Dear Nobody — Part II

Dear ______,

I am grateful that our paths crossed. You have had such a positive influence on me. Friends like you are rare. You remind me of Black Opal: intriguing, unique, and the most valuable of its kind. (What are the odds — it’s also Australia’s national gemstone.) Upon seeing Black Opal, it’s obvious that it is special, something to be coveted.

According to an old Australian Aboriginal legend, the Creator came down from the heavens on a rainbow and delivered a message of peace for all mankind. The stones which were near the place where his foot touched the ground suddenly became alive and began to sparkle. This was believed to be the birth of opal stone.

I know that this is only legend, but you, my friend, have been touched by our Creator. You doubt your ability to be a “worthy” friend, not even realizing that you offer so much more than most do in a lifetime. Continue being you, and you will forever sparkle.

Holly Marie

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