Welcome to the official website for Phoenix-native blogger & artist Holly Marie!

The Writer

Holly Marie’s favorite form of art is writing. No matter what the style may be, whether it is poetry or simple blogging, she values and relishes written form. Holly Marie began writing at a young age, focusing primarily on poetry, but learned to adopt different forms of writing throughout high school. Under the tutelage of her favorite high school teacher, Holly Marie set out to exceed the standards set for herself and her peers by writing a full-length novel before she graduated.

These days, Holly Marie primarily writes for herself, taking time to write daily. In the future, Holly Marie wishes to couple her law degree with a degree in journalism, so that she may pursue a career where she can foster her passion for the law and the art that is writing.

The Poet

Holly Marie won her first poetry competition when she was only in the fifth grade, and she has continued writing since then. She evolved from a poet who couldn’t stand writing a poem that didn’t fit a precise, fixed form to expanding her style into free verse spoken word.

Holly Marie performs her poetry at various local events and found her home at Infuse Open Mic. Her favorite topics to base her poetry on are transcending love, God, and current social and political issues.

The Visual Artist

Holly Marie also enjoys creating visual works of art. She studied art beginning in the 8th grade, concentrating on traditional forms of art, namely pencil drawings. After high school she studied animation and graphic design at the Art Institute of Phoenix but did not complete the program. She shifted her career focus after two years at the Art Institute, choosing to keep her passion for art as a hobby, rather than trying to force a career out of it.

On this website you will find various forms of Holly Marie’s expression, including drawings straight from her personal sketchbook, commissioned paintings, photographs from her misadventures, and other experimental items created in her craft times.

The Openly Christian

Holly Marie has a soft spot for many people: young kids, the homeless, college students, the elderly, etc. Being Openly Christian, Holly Marie strives to use art as her way of expressing God in her life.

Holly Marie, alongside her husband, helped to co-found KGDM Life, the overarching movement responsible for Go M•A•D• Entertainment. KGDM Life is a Christian ministry focused on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through multiple avenues including music, the arts, and serving the underserved. Go M•A•D• Entertainment is an all inclusive entertainment group geared toward creating a new culture that counters the current stigma of today’s mainstream entertainment.

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