Every prominent how-to blogging website tells you to choose a topic for your blog. “Find your own niche!” they say. Well, why should I pick one?

I am multifaceted. I love video games. I’m crazy about critters. I am an artist of many kinds (performance poet, painter, drawer, and I dabble in music). I take some wicked (and some not so wicked) photographs. I studied psychology, criminology, animal behavior, graphic design, pre-med and animation in college before I settled on law school. I’ve worked as an assistant zookeeper, animal shelter helper, construction biller, in-house accountant among other things before obtaining my own income tax/accounting business and starting to sell Mary Kay cosmetics. I’ve volunteered all over the Valley in a number of different places. I know what it’s like to be ill, and I live life with my sidekick service dog, Milo, and a crazy cat with an awesome name — Vladimir “V” Wolverine Anderson. I’m a former roller derby player, and current ice hockey fanatic. I travel as often as possible, even though I abhor airplanes.

These things only scratch the surface about who I am…so again I say, why should I only pick one thing to blog about? Why can’t I write about all of these things or none of these things if I so choose? Who is going to stop me? I have more knowledge in this pea brain at the age of 29 than most, and I also have this nasty habit of lacking a filter and spouting off at random.

Welcome to my space.

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