Robert F. Guglielmo (07/10/1929-01/30/2016)

Robert "Big Bob" F. Guglielmo, 86 years old of Tucson, AZ died on Saturday 7:11 p.m., January 30, 2016. Bob lived large. He was gregarious, living a life full of love and adventure. He died peacefully of natural causes in the comfort and care of his wife, Ramilda "Millie" Guglielmo and his children. Bob is … Continue reading Robert F. Guglielmo (07/10/1929-01/30/2016)

"I hate funerals." I couldn't agree more with D. I get this weird feeling in my stomach, laced with anxiety. I fretted over what to wear, then settled for standard lawyer's work attire: black slacks, a cinched creme top, paired with a black business jacket. I wear this type of outfit most days of the … Continue reading