Saturday in Williams, AZ

This past weekend Mosha and I took a trip up to Williams, AZ, which is located about 30 miles NW of Flagstaff, and 1 hour south of the Grand Canyon. Our original plan was to go up there to take Andrew to Bearizona, an open wildlife park, but Friday night/Saturday morning Andrew came down with … Continue reading Saturday in Williams, AZ


Herberger Theater Festival of the Arts

Today Andrew and I went on an adventure to partake in the festivities at the annual Festival of the Arts put on by the Herberger Theater. There was live music, performances, children's activities and food/shopping -- oh, and of course, lots of art!Our first stop was to the food court area where the live music … Continue reading Herberger Theater Festival of the Arts

10.29.16 Recap

Man! It's been one heck of a day, and I know the next three days will be pretty busy, too. Last night mom and I spent time together talking and watching our favorite cooking shows (Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay & Halloween Wars). We ended up staying up until 3am before we decided we should head … Continue reading 10.29.16 Recap

Late night security.

Nikki & Milo -- poor things -- guarding my walkway even at this late hour, as I, like most law interns do, stay up late on a holiday weekend working.