Herberger Theater Festival of the Arts

Today Andrew and I went on an adventure to partake in the festivities at the annual Festival of the Arts put on by the Herberger Theater. There was live music, performances, children's activities and food/shopping -- oh, and of course, lots of art!Our first stop was to the food court area where the live music … Continue reading Herberger Theater Festival of the Arts

10.29.16 Recap

Man! It's been one heck of a day, and I know the next three days will be pretty busy, too. Last night mom and I spent time together talking and watching our favorite cooking shows (Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay & Halloween Wars). We ended up staying up until 3am before we decided we should head … Continue reading 10.29.16 Recap


I can't sleep. It's not one of my better moments. I keep thinking about how it is already week four into chemo and how fast time is going...It just reminds me that life is fleeting, and I feel like I'm quickly approaching this deadline of life that I've been handed, this death sentence, and I … Continue reading Mortality.


I want to talk about politics. I know I've had difficult conversation about racism, including with friends and family whom I greatly respect, but who don't necessarily see eye to eye with me on this. I know this Democratic presidential primary has been more emotionally-charged than any recent ones I remember. I know Clinton supporters … Continue reading Politics.

An experiment.

I have come up with an idea that I think will yield interesting results. So, my birthday is approaching quickly and inevitably, I know that people will ask what I want. Well, I’ve decided that I would like my friends and family to buy me a copy of their favorite book, and if they choose, … Continue reading An experiment.


Man, what a hectic day. Fridays are the one day when I don’t have to be in the office until 2pm. Normally I have my women’s get- togethers, but a few weeks ago there were two weeks in a row when none of the women showed up, so I decided to cancel it until further … Continue reading TGIF

21-Day Challenge

So my family and I have decided to do a 21-day challenge together, where we each give up something(s) and replace them with something healthier, and set a goal for what we would like to accomplish by completing this challenge. Today was our first day. For my personal challenge, I decided to give up soda, … Continue reading 21-Day Challenge


Well, this is mg first entry for this new year. I had meant to write sooner than now, but it's been a busy 7 days, so it didn't happen. I took today off work to rest and to get some work done around the house. I started going into the office on Monday, prepping everything … Continue reading Goals.

Christmas Doesn’t Always Equate to Cheer

I guess this is how Christmas will end, with me sleeping alone downstairs and you upstairs, stewing over something that you think is my fault, when it's completely out of my control. I wish that when it came to your music, you would realize that all I ever try to do is help you. Why … Continue reading Christmas Doesn’t Always Equate to Cheer


You support justice because it is a fundamental right, because perpetuating injustice is intrinsically wrong, no matter who the beneficiary or the victim is. That's just a basic ethical duty. The oppressed do not "earn" justice by mounting a sufficiently effective campaign, by asking in an appropriately polite way, by being intrinsically better people, by … Continue reading Justice

I spent all morning long looking for my medical insurance card. I still can’t seem to find it (either of the two copies I had), and my replacement cards still hasn’t arrived, even thought it’s been weeks since I ordered it. Poor Dev stayed home later than usual to help me scourge the house for … Continue reading