You support justice because it is a fundamental right, because perpetuating injustice is intrinsically wrong, no matter who the beneficiary or the victim is. That's just a basic ethical duty. The oppressed do not "earn" justice by mounting a sufficiently effective campaign, by asking in an appropriately polite way, by being intrinsically better people, by … Continue reading Justice

Late night security.

Nikki & Milo -- poor things -- guarding my walkway even at this late hour, as I, like most law interns do, stay up late on a holiday weekend working.  

Tests. No matter what kind of test it may be, I can’t think of any kind of test that doesn’t bring with it some kind of stress or anxiety. Recently, the July bar results were released, and only three people of everyone I know who took it (50+ people) passed. I cannot begin to imagine … Continue reading