Sunday at Bearizona

I woke up early on Sunday, and Mosha had gone to the lake to fish some more, so I went back to bed for a few hours. Once he was back, we both showered and checked out of the hotel and headed off to Bearizona, which was only one exit away off the freeway. Bearizona…


We decided to stop by the nearby pond to feed the ducks on the way home from my doctor’s appointment today.

22/365: Teddy the Therapy Dog

Teddy the Therapy Dog DOB: 6.16.13 109 lbs. Fave trick: Shake Fave toy: Anything that squeaks Fave Food: Sour cream coffee cake


“Be not afraid of going slow. Be afraid only of standing still.”

My Former Life (Part 1)

I was reminiscing with my good friend Rara (you can follow her blog here), and during the course of our conversation, she sent me a short video of a lion cub giving a human a hug. It reminded me of the adolescent male cub I used to work with when I was an assistant zookeeper…

This is the new puppy we bought for my dad to surprise him when they come home to visit tomorrow. A pure bred Queensland Heeler. So cute! via