A Fighter Named E.

E. That’s what I will call the man who I met today (for anonymity purposes). We spent two hours talking about anything and everything: life as a cancer patient, family, society, politics, religion, you name it. Despite my social anxiety, I really enjoy meeting new people because I believe that we each have valuable insight … Continue reading A Fighter Named E.


Let’s Play 20 Questions

Tagged by: @calindor I've been asked to answer these 20 questions by a fellow blogger, so here goes! 1) Name: Holly Marie 2) Nicknames: Holly, Vyne (pronounced Vine, not Vin), Vee, The Baby (by family), Hollz, Holly Berry, Hozza/Hoz, Goose 3) Height: 5ft 3-4inches 4) Orientation: Former lesbian, current hetero 5) Nationality: Spanish, Afro-Portuguese, Mexican … Continue reading Let’s Play 20 Questions