A Call to Genuine Living

Have you ever found yourself placing expectations on God? It sounds crazy to do, but we do it more often than we realize. On New Year's Day I found myself sitting in my study staring at my new, blank journal. I'm not crazy about New Year's, nor am I a fanatic of making resolutions. Honestly, … Continue reading A Call to Genuine Living


Keeping God First During the Holidays

The holidays are usually a pretty stressful time for most people. Back in 2013, 3.08 trillion dollars was spent in the U.S. on holiday retail purchases. There's quite a fair bit of shopping that needs to get done in 2-3 months, since most stores don't begin offering holiday promotions until Oct. 1st. Between shopping, get-togethers, … Continue reading Keeping God First During the Holidays

Stem Cell Transplant — Complete!

An update for everyone --I received my stem cell transplant today. It was a rather grueling day: seven straight hours hooked up to various machines getting pumped full of different medicines and eventually, someone else's blood. But, thankfully, it is over, and procedurally, everything went well. Now we wait to see if my body takes … Continue reading Stem Cell Transplant — Complete!

Our thoughts of God are usually very small, while our thoughts of ourselves are usually very large.